Worksop auction house quenches European thirst for whisky

Worksop auction house quenches European thirst for whisky


An online auction house based in Worksop is raising a glass to specialist spirits being shipped thousands of miles across Europe, with whisky lovers in Croatia, Italy and France flocking to snap up their top tipple.

Doing it the Whisky Way (L-R) Dale Smith, Claire Gregory, Darren Chapman and Ryan Vahey

Since launching six months ago, The Whisky Way has securely sent bottles of popular distilled alcoholic beverages to collectors across the continent.

The company is part of a hotbed of pioneering businesses based at Worksop Turbine, which provides fully serviced offices and workshops, virtual business services, shared offices, hot desks, meeting and conference rooms.
Joint owners Ryan Vahey, Darren Chapman and Dale Smith, manage monthly sales of whisky and collectable items at no cost to the seller.

Whisky specialist Ryan puts the demand down to the tipple’s investment appeal. He said: “The market has grown quicker than anything else, with special editions, limited production and discontinued lines able to fetch double their original retail value.

“Limited edition whisky can fetch a premium and we’re attracting buyers from all over the UK as well as Europe, who have no option but to turn to auction sites to make a purchase of vintage products as many distilleries back in the 1970s and1980s were unable to offer international shipping to keep costs down.

“They often feature popular flavours or unique attractive glass, ceramic or stone bottles. Some whiskies from distilleries that have closed down may fetch a very good price in the market as it is out of production.”

Since launching the business, the online firm now has more than 100 sales under their belt, with a top price sale of £295 achieved for a bottle of Macallan Archival Series Folio 2.

Seven-day auctions take place on the company’s website from 6pm on the last Sunday of the month.

Ryan added: “The mystery and allure of the spirit is unparalleled. And so, when it comes to whisky, the options are, literally, limitless.

“The value of whisky largely depends on what a buyer is willing to pay, however, if required, we are able to provide a good and reasonable estimate based on what value it has commanded at recent sales.

“Our move to Worksop Turbine has helped us to concentrate on scaling-up the business. The forward- thinking support team has provided us with a terrific platform to launch our sales. The reception area alone has been a tremendous help and we are looking forward to our future at the Worksop Turbine.”

Managed by Oxford Innovation on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, Worksop Turbine provides serviced office space solutions for growing and start-up businesses. As well as this, tenants can take advantage
of on-site business growth coaching services and training workshops.

A short distance from Worksop town centre, close to the A1, M1 and Sheffield, it is a modern and thriving Innovation Centre, designed around the needs of its tenants and their customers.

Claire Gregory, Centre Manager at Worksop Turbine said: “We pride ourselves on providing the flexibility, space and support to niche businesses like The Whisky Way to prosper and grow. We welcome all new businesses to join our community and look forward to providing a bright future enabling start-ups to reach their full potential and growth aspirations.” 

There are currently a range of private and shared offices available at the Centre. Contact the team on 01909 512100 or visit the Worksop Turbine website: for more information.

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